A Match Between
Need and Solution



Building tailored web solutions. From the one pager website you are looking at, to large scale web solutions that leverage your core business in the digital world.


Translating your business and user requirements for the mobile world, into the solution that you need.


Implementing tools to support the internal processes of your company, and assist employees in their daily tasks.


Digital Needs
matching your business goals with technology and design

Working on numerous web projects over the past 15 years and touching multiple competences in this process, gave me a wide view on what is possible within budget and timing.

Eager, in the ever changing landscape of internet, I listen to your desires and translate them into Digital Needs.

  • Business and Functional Analysis
  • Scrum approach
  • CMS implementation & development
  • functional Testing


We define what is needed and where the priorities are for your business. For each feature we analyse in detail the technical feasibility and how to userfriendly implement this in back- and front-end.
Adapting to the customer and the audience. Fluent in Dutch, French and English. Background in IT, marketing and design.
Started with html and css back in the ’90s ;) Played around with Photoshop and how to tell good from bad design. Learned to develop multi-role, multi-language, multi-site admin interfaces. Terms like OWASP, MVC and object-model have a real meaning to me.
Everything starts with good understanding of the clients’ expectations. In the end, functional tests should only be a check of the initially agreed features.

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